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Animated Reality (Stop Motion)


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How can you make still objects move? How to make Lego characters walk, give Play-Doh life, make regular people fly or do other things that aren't possible in real life?

With the Stop Motion technique, you are able to turn your imagination into reality and create a short video in which everything is possible. Think of an idea, build characters and create the coolest video of your own!

What Does It Feel Like?



  • Understand the concept of Frame by Frame
  • Explore Stop Motion videos that create moments that are not possible in real life
  • Work in a team and think together about an idea for a video you will make
  • Learn to take still photos by yourself using the principles of Stop Motion photography
  • Understand the importance of the number of frames and the speed at which they run
  • Learn to connect all the photos you took into one spectacular animation

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