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BIGIDEA @ Kaplen JCC On The Palisades

What Does It Feel Like?


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How Does It Work?

# Hands-on Zone!
Summer is not the time for school - it is for experimenting and creating at the workshops while having lots of fun!

# What is a BIG IDEA Workshop?
Our Workshops are designed so campers can get to create, design and build using the best computer software and media equipment to create amazing projects. Each workshop has an average of 7 campers (no more than only 8 campers per workshop), so campers can get the full attention of their counselor.

# How many workshops should I choose?
Your daily schedule will have the 2 workshops that you chose and 1 period of unplugged - daily fun and outdoor activities. Think about 2 workshops that you must be in and a 3rd alternative option, just in case...
-Every two weeks you will enjoy from two new workshops! This may change the number of workshops you'll have to choose.

# How can I choose only 2 workshops from this amazing list?
Having a hard time choosing your workshops? Send an email to our workshop consultant and he will get back to you soon to help you choose what interests you.

#BestSummerEver #WeGotItAll! #קיץמדהים

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