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Design your future!

There are so many options for excellent and exciting workshops.
What will you choose to create this summer?


Share your passions and interests with the world by opening a YouTube channel

YouTube Show

The big screen is waiting for you! write a script, direct and shoot your short film

Film Production

Learn to mix songs using professional mixing and audio editing software

DJ - Audio Mixing

Take stunning photos with digital cameras and learn to master the different settings & modes.


Want to create a professional looking video-clip? Here is your chance!

Video Editing

Combine real-world clips with your own imaginary scenes using cutting edge technology

Visual FX


Get into the world of patterns, textures and fabrics with 3D fashion design software

Fashion Design

Use a professional Image Manipulation Program to edit and manipulate images

Graphic Design

Take the first leap into the world of animation with the amazing FlipBoom AllStar 2.0®

Animation Lab

get familiar with Manga’s unique tales and characters. learn to draw with a graphic tablet.

Manga Comics

Take your first step by modelling objects you want to create using professional 3D modeling tools!

3D Modeling

Learn to model your own dream house –whether it's a giant pool or an indoors bowling alley



Take your Minecraft skills to the next level by creating mini-games inside Minecraft!

Minecraft Gaming Lab

Do you use mobile apps? Of course! This is your chance to create a creative own of your own!

Mobile Apps

Use Microsoft's Kodu software to create your first computer game

Kodu Gaming Lab

Learn the basics of computer programming with Microsoft Visual C# language

C# Programming Beginners

If you ever thought that drones are toy cars with wings, think again!

Drones Lab

This is your chance to learn how to use it as you create super-cool 2D games like ‘Angry Birds’ and ‘Mario’!

Game Coding with Python

Work as a team to design, build and program an independent robot!

Lego Robotics


Get out of your comfort zone! Let's discover a new perspective on our surroundings

Israeli Scouts & Outdoor Survival

We will discover the secrets of making escape rooms while creating riddles and puzzles of our own!


Have a summer full of drama! Prepare yourself for fame in a leading role...


Is dance your passion? This is your chance to realize your dream!

Hip Hop

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